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Customer correspondence & Complaints handling services

We use established and proven processes to track and organize contacts with current and prospective customers. Customer relationship management is a serious business and we specialize in complaint handling outsourcing services for various industries. We help you achieve timely response to every correspondence as per our agreed timeframes & maintain guaranteed service levels. Our professionalism and enthusiasm will help you turn a disgruntled customer to a loyal fan.

Handling customer complaints

  • Collate and analyze customer complaints
  • Instant acknowledgement and timely response
  • Prioritize complaints based on the severity
  • Appropriate answers well within timeframe
  • Convert dissatisfaction to loyalty

Customer questions

  • Researched replies
  • Expertise to leverage existing replies
  • Awareness of cultural differences
  • Focus on customer delight

Customer correspondence

  • Standard procedures and custom scenarios
  • Customer follow-up and special offers
  • Conduct satisfaction surveys & prepare reports
  • Focus on customer delight

Based on your requirement, we will quickly assemble an exclusive team to handle all your needs. Before we start our tasks we thoroughly understand your business, create templates and mock test the procedures. This will ensure that our process & systems are accurate, fool-proof and your clients get a superior level of customer experience.

Some of your benefits

  • Immediate access to high quality staff.
  • Professional response to all your customer correspondence.
  • Min 50% cost savings.
  • Absolutely no overheads.
  • 24/7 office & quick turnaround.

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