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Web CMS - Content management system

The Content Management System (CMS) is used for storing, controlling, versioning, and publishing your business specific documentation such as marketing information, news articles, manuals, technical information, sales guides, and other relavant information. Using CMS we can manage, search, create, edit, and publish various kinds of digital information for your business.

Our systems are designed to help people with limited IT skills to design, build and maintain their own Website, Intranet or Extranet solution. Following are some of the specific features of our CMS making our product unique in the market.

Static HTML generator

The Static HTML Generator converts all your web pages into static HTML files enabling faster download with standards that meet W3C guidelines and SEO requirements.

Product publisher

Our module will allow you to publish your products on the web both for display and also as an online store with many customizable options.

Site statistics

This tool that monitors each hit to your website provides a wide range of statistics that help at higher level of managerial decisions.

Apart from these we have News Manager, List Builder and many more, which will help corporates to create and maintain a website or a group of websites using their own IT skills.

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