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Document management system - Outsourcing solutions

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Our extremely well-designed document management process workflow solution saves your precious time. We help you decrease the process latency in your business and increase your efficiency. Our DMS will help you in streamlining business processes, and decrease the risk associated with lost documents. The software we have designed is targeted to cater to all businesses to manage and store electronic files and scanned images.

We manage virtually every kind of document (images, reports, statements, application files, web pages, HTML forms, video, Microsoft files etc.). As well as every stage of the document lifecycle (creation / input, storage, retrieval, revision, workflow, archival and distribution)

Key features

  • Completely scalable system with comprehensive document scanning, Indexing and storage
  • Unified repository for all documents and folders, across the organization including electronic files and physical documents
  • Export & Import Emails, Print, Encrypt Documents
  • Indexing on custom fields at Folder and File level
  • Comprehensive and easy Access Rights set to control the Folder Level from where it originates
  • Specific rights at document level for sharing
  • Complete text index and search in all parameters
  • Version Control with document check-in and checkout
  • Business process management and workflow for efficient document processing
  • Notifications and emails
  • LDAP support
  • Form processing
  • Extensive reports with Audit Trials
  • Backup and Restore

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