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Outsourced SEM & SEO services

There is a popular misconception that by hosting a website, one will be flooded with targeted traffic & sales, which is not true. Hire our SEM & SEO experts on an hourly / half time / full time to work on your Website, generate targeted traffic & sales.

SEM - Search engine marketing

Search engine marketing is an art of getting targeted traffic & sales instantly with sponsored pay per click placements on the search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. Drive qualified prospects to your Website.

Our SEM services include

  • Keyword research - Broad, Phrase and Exact Match
  • Identify negative keywords, negative phrases
  • Ad group negative and campaign negatives & update them everyday
  • Split keywords into small & focused ad groups
  • Ad content writing
  • Identify better performing ads & improve on them
  • Identify competitors and analyze their better performing ads
  • Closely monitor the keywords performance, add new negatives and keywords based on reports, and modify ads content based on the performance.
  • Configure conversion codes, create funnels.
  • Improve CTR & Conversion
  • Recycle the process, generate new keywords & build more targeted traffic
  • Incrementally outperform your competition

SEO - Search engine optimization

Our SEO experts have complete knowledge optimizing your website to get top organic results in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Page & Search Engine Result Position). We follow search engine guidelines to optimize & rank your website.

Our SEO tasks include

  • Analyzing your website with various tools & techniques
  • Generate a list of keywords & send it to you for approval
  • Analyze your website with the list of approved keywords & suggest changes to be made on every page
  • Modify Title, Description & Alt tags on the pages that are to be optimized
  • Run report of how your website is viewed by search crawlers
  • Once we are satisfied that the Website is perfect, we will manually submit the website to different search engines & directories and closely monitor the inclusion of the pages in the search index
  • Start link exchange campaign to get inbound links, to increase the search rank, page rank & traffic
  • Analyze the reports & iterate to bring you maximum results

Our services that are done from our office in India, offers you a great value in addition to what exactly you need.

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