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Administrative services

Professional support for businesses. We currently provide a wide range of such support to a variety of industries. You can outsource your administrative tasks and reduce the time you need to hire and train staff to do the work. Our administrative tasks outsourcing solutions :

  • Get a full or part-time virtual admin to help you
  • Our professional can be trained on specific tasks as per your needs

Customer service support tasks

  • Front-end and on-line support
  • SMS and text updates to customers
  • Manage/resolve customer complaints
  • Maintain books / accounts

General administration outsourceable tasks

  • Sort out e-mails daily and send professional replies or order products
  • Validate and process refund requests
  • Order products through distributors and drop shippers
  • Manage vendors and discrepancies arising between orders and product delivery
  • Contact vendors for accounting information to reconcile statements

Website maintenance

  • Update shopping cart products and prices everyday
  • Compare competitor sites & update product prices
  • Issue on-line gift coupons or vouchers
  • Crop and upload right images and pictures
  • Web text and image updating

Our large team of administrative professionals can deliver based on your exact needs. Our staff has the ability to manage multiple tasks and are flexible to mould themselves as per any training required by you. Since we work as a team, your dedicated admin staff can co-ordinate and manage, other specialist tasks that are specific to your organization.

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