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Social media management

We can effectively manage your presence across all popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linked In, Pinterest and such (Read more) We are not new to the social media scene and it is safe to say that we constantly strive to keep up with it.

Over 1 billion people are on Facebook. They are just not on it for presence. They also use it and share information with their friends, family and colleagues. A good majority of your current customers and future prospects are amongst this number.

Just picture them talking about your business in this place. How much more exposure would you get out of it? How much more business you have chance to win? That's why you should use social media today.

Let us also not forget the 500 million plus Twitter users and 200 million plus LinkedIn users.

Why use social media for your business?

  • Your customers can easily recommend you to their friends and colleagues
  • You can show that your business has a face to it and a personal side
  • Actively engage in one to one relationships with customers and prospects
  • A great means to create brand awareness
  • A platform to manage your business reputation
  • Exercise your expertise with prospects
  • Connect with loads of potential customers
  • A simple way to have more people to visit your website

How we do social media for you?

  • Create your exclusive social media strategy
  • Setup your social media business pages (Facebook, LinkedIn etc.,)
  • Get your permanent social media business address (URL)
  • Design relevant cover images
  • Get likes, shares, followers and thereby grow your presence
  • Build your fan base
  • Do regular status updates
  • Search and share relevant industry specific news articles periodically
  • Create custom questions and polls
  • Encourage fans to post recommendations
  • Influence fans to interact and share
  • Delete spam posts
  • Reply to comments and likes and more

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