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Why use integra global solutions for outsourcing?

Business Outsourcing to India is a division of Integra Global Solutions and is always a class above the rest in terms of outsourcing providers and our quality and expertise in process outsourcing and back-office operations is unparalleled. We take great pride in being known for our quality, timely delivery and customer service levels. Our services are excellent value for money and provide you a strong platform for you expand the business while reducing the costs.

In addition to the significant cost advantages available to you, we also offer other unique advantages that you can enjoy for years to come.

Different class in outsourcing services

Business Model
  • Start with one or two of our resources (or)
  • Hire a team to handle entire functions
  • On-site (or) off-shore training depending on need
  • All staff are graduates with many having post-graduate degrees
  • Top talent in the region with strong English skills
  • Strong business processes and multi-national work experience
  • Commitment to continuous education and training
  • Professional management team with an attitude for 100% client satisfaction

In addition to providing the best process experts, analysts and accountants available, we also add Best Practices and consultancy knowledge to your processes.

  • Vast experience in handling transition management
  • Processes, standards and check-lists are well documented for every one of your functions
  • In-house software development and IT team, to handle new requirements and add-ons to exiting functions
  • We also recommend to you, areas of improvement & upon agreement, implement them

We strongly believe that, success in outsourcing clearly relies on more than just cost savings. It is built with right people with the right expertise engaging with clients in the most flexible terms available. We clearly understand this formula, and our satisfied and happy clients worldwide are the evidence of our righteous claim.

We offer a risk free no-obligation FREE TRIAL to ensure your 100% peace of mind. This is a chance for you to have a first-hand look into our services with no obligation whatsoever. Take advantage of our incredible offer and find out for yourself.

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